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  1. Provides modern diagnostic facility
  2. Always engaged by students  - 

(a)Undergraduate (3rd Year to Intern) for Day-1 Skill

(b) Post Graduate (MS and PhD) 

  1. Emergency veterinary service by Ambulatory Veterinary Clinics
  2. Satellite Clinics
  3. Community – based clinics
  4. Data management and storage through Epidemiology Unit
  5. Revenue to CVASU


  1. Twenty four (24) hours hospital
  2. Intensive for Duty Doctors and Staff
  3. Critical care unit
  4. Animal blood transfusion unit
  5. Animal care unit (Dog, cat)
  6. Emergency unit
  7. Animal shelter unit
  8. Ophthalmic unit
  9. Orthopaedic unit
  10. Dermatology unit
  11.  Pharmacy (Dispensary and drug storage room)
  12.  Poultry post – mortem room 
  13.  Door – to – door service
  14.  Online registration
  15.  Free service for poor people (Fund to be needed)
  16.  Internship placement for international students including accomodation facilities
  17.  Residency
  18.  Canteen+/ Food Cort +/KFC, BFC,  

    PET ANIMAL UNIT (PAU)In this unit a range of companion animals including dog, cat, birds, rabbit, and turtles are treated by a specialized group of pet animal veterinarians. The strength of the unit the abundant clinical material and technical expertise. The unit has pioneered and standardized many clinical procedures that remains unconquered in the entire country. In PAU post-mortems of poultry birds from farm and household sources are regularly performed by specialized vets. Regular vaccination of pets are take place in the non-infectious zone of PAU.

    Description: DSC_0018

    Description: DSC06554

    Theriogenology Unit
    Diagnosis and quality treatment of andrological, gynecological and obstetrical problems in cattle, sheep, goat, dog, cat etc. A committed group of qualified veterinarians works here to provide utmost quality service. Common cases treated in this unit are dystocia, uterine torsion, uterine prolapse, endometritis, metritis, under developed genitalia, repeat breeders, retained fetal membranes etc. A unique special service, Artificial Insemination in goats are performed in this unit.

    Description: 14711241_1765909563689770_5664259346377572318_o

    Description: IMG_3365

    Surgery Unit
    Well-equipped operation theatre is available for both farm and pet animals. A range of surgery are regularly carry out in this unit by a devoted group of qualified surgeons. Various surgeries in farm and pet animals are executed with the gaseous anesthesia. All the modern instruments are installed in the units operation theatre like vital sign monitor, C-arm, electric cauterizer, ventilator etc. Common cases in treated at this unit are ruminal impaction, traumatic pericarditis, abomasal impaction, diaphragmatic hernia, intussusception, caecal dilatation, squamous cell carcinoma of eye and horn, castration, spaying, fractures, and congenital disorders etc.

    Description: IMG_9414

    Description: DSC_0011

    Ambulatory service
    The hospital is equipped with Mobile Veterinary Clinic and ambulance to cater the needs of animal owners of various parts of the city. It Offers treatment two days / week by Satellite Unit in Chittagong City and its surrounding Upazillas. Additionally ambulatory service includes-
    • Treatment of emergency medical issues
    • Herd disease outbreak investigations
    • Herd health planning to help improve animal health and efficiency.
  19. Description: G:\Ashif files (Dont touch)\MS Orientation 2013\Versity orientation\ft-big3.jpg

    Description: G:\Ashif files (Dont touch)\MS Orientation 2013\Versity orientation\10985217_805732632847520_5250666273890367049_n.jpg


Our doctors and specialist

Medicine Specialist :

Prof. Dr. Md. Rayhan Faruque

Prof. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

Prof. Dr. Yousuf Elahi Chowdhury

Prof. Dr. Pankaj Chakrabarty

Dr. Md. Ahaduzzaman

DR. Sharmin Akter

DR. Sazeda Akter

DR. Pranab Paul

Surgery Specialist :

Prof. Dr. Bibek Chandra Sutradhar

ProfDr. Bhajan Chandra Das

Dr. Monoar Syeed Pallab

DR. Tuli Dey

Theriogenology Specialist :

Prof. Dr. Azizunnesa

DR. Md. Anowar Parvez

DR. Tanjila Hasan

Epidemiology Specialist 

ProfDr. Md. Ahasanul Hoque

Specialty and services

Existing services provided by SAQTVH

•             All kinds of infectious and non-infectious diseases treatment

•             Vaccination

•             Deworming

•             Pregnancy diagnosis

•             All kinds of soft tissue major and minor surgery

•             Special orthopaedic and ophthalmic surgery

•             Fluid therapy and Blood transfusion

•             Mobile ambulatory service

•             All kind of post-mortem service

•             Lab. Diagnostic service ( Fecal exam., Blood and serum analysis, Rumen fluid analysis, skin scraping test, Mastitis test etc.)

•             Euthanasia service

•             Health care service

•             Consultancy service

Special diagnostic and imaging services

•             C-arm

•             CR

•             X-ray

•             US

•             Vital sings monitor

  • Endoscopy


Future additional services plan

•             In-patient service both small and large

•             Physiotherapy

•             Laparoscopic surgery

•             Rehabilitation

•             Emergency and critical care patient unit

•             Thoracic surgery

•             Phaco surgery

•             Cryo surgery

•             Kidney dialysis

•             Kidney  transplantation

•             CT scan

•             MRI

6. Pharmacy service 

7. Ambulatory service

  • Chittagong is densely dairy zones
  • We are giving all kinds of free veterinary services 2 days in a week
  • Places- Sikolbaha and Kaktoli 
  • In addition, mobile ambulatory car is always ready for any vet. Services in surrounding to Chittagong


8. Clinical study

9. Education and research

10. Clinical human resource development

11. International students training and externship

12. Clinical activities at a glance

Existing Strength of SAQTVH  

•             Director-1

•             VS-1

•             DMS staffs- 7

•             Lab. Technician- 1

•             Compounder-1

•             Dresser-2

•             Lab. Attendant-3

•             Computer operator-1

•             MLSS-1

Scope of Clinical Services


Large diversity of clinical services like

  1. Domestic animals- Cattle, Buffalo, sheep, goat, horse
  2. Pet animals- dog, cat, parrot, Moyna, rabbit, Chicken, Geese, Duck Pigeon, Turkey, Turtle
  3. Wild animals- Deer, Monkey, Elephant, Mongoose, Owl, Vulture, Kite etc.
  4.  Safari Park and Zoo animal- Tiger, Bear, Hippo, Wild-e-beast, Wild fishing cat, Snake etc.
  5. Horse in BMA 
  6. Post-mortem experience- above mentioned most of the animals 


Hands on practice of diversified species at SAQTVH

Large/ Farm animals

Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09203.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09201.JPG

Description: F:\Surgical condition- photo\Horse\Severe septic wound in the neck and maggot wound in wither\DSC01106.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09023.JPG


Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09028.JPG







Pet animals

Description: F:\2013\September.13\2nd DCP plate\DSC09250.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\Cat castration\DSC09731.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09049.JPG

Description: E:\2021\February,21\Bhajan mobile 27.2.21\20210124_122114.jpg

Description: E:\2021\February,21\Bhajan mobile 27.2.21\20210124_122117.jpg

Avian/ Exotic birs

Description: F:\Surgical condition- photo\Poultry and bird\Geese sc cyst in posterior to beck\DSC01463.JPG

Description: F:\Surgical condition- photo\DSC07989.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09041.JPG

Description: F:\2013\July.13\July,13\101MSDCF\Myna pox lesion in beck, surrounding and both wing\DSC09010.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\Pigeon ventral hernia\DSC09121.JPG

Description: F:\Surgical condition- photo\Cyst in subconjunctiva in cock\DSC03078.JPG

Description: F:\2013\March,2013\10.3.13\DCIM\Barn owl in TVH\DSC07537.JPG

Description: F:\2013\March,2013\10.3.13\DCIM\vutum Owl in anatomy dept\DSC07496.JPG



Wild life animals

Description: F:\2013\June,2013\June,13\Deer fractue, plating and pm\DSC08221.JPG

Description: F:\2013\November,13\DCIM\101MSDCF\DSC00746.JPG

Description: F:\2013\January,2013\Vulture\DSC06799.JPG

Description: F:\Surgical photo-2\Mongoose PM\SAM_0326.JPG

Description: F:\Surgical photo-2\Python photo and vedio\DSC01830.JPG

Description: F:\2013\September.13\elephant photo\DSC09785.JPG

Description: F:\2012\December,12\Fishing cat and Sylhet student presentation\05.9.12\Image1326.jpg

Description: F:\Surgical photo-2\SAM_0300.JPG



Other activities of SAQTVH


  • Arrange vaccination programme 
  • Attend livestock fair
  • Arranged 1st international orthopaedic training,2013 with help of DMS ( MVC, India) 
  • Internship placement provider from other university like BAU, SAU, RU,PSTU 
  • Provide practical demonstration of the student of youth development department, Chittagong
  • Arrange herd health programme 
  • Arranged 1st Clinical Award,2015  for profession development in DVM  final year students
  • Arranged international Theriogenology training programme  with the help of DMS ( MVC, India; Washington State University, USA ) 
  • Support clinical research
  • List of directors of the directorate

    Sl. No





    DR. Md. Rayhan Faruque




    Prof. Dr. A. K. M. Saifuddin




    Dr. Bhajan Chandra Das




    Prof. Dr. Md. Rayhan Faruque




    Prof. Dr. Bhajan Chandra Das




    Prof. Dr.Md. Rayhan Faruque


    Till Date


Md. Rayhan Faruque, PhD
Professor and Director
Directorate of Veterinary Clinics



It’s my pleasure to welcome all of you for visiting the Shahedul Alam Quadery Teaching Veterinary Hospital (SAQTVH). This is the largest hospital (Four Storied) among all veterinary school in Bangladesh. We are caring about animals which include cattle, goats, sheep, poultry (Chicken, pigeon, duck), dog, cat, rabbit,  ornamental birds (Myna, parrot, love birds, cockatiel, etc.), and wild animal (Snake, deer, elephant, star type tortoise, etc.) also. Our diagnostic facilities are modernized both in Medicine, Surgery and Gynaecology Units. Epidemiology Unit is doing for Hospital data recording and management. I would like to give big thanks to the Faculty members and staff of Medicine and Surgery Department and SAQTVH for providing their full efforts on SAQTVH. Students should always be learned their professional skills from this hospital.


Prof. Md. Rayhan Faruque, PhD

Director (Veterinary Clinics)


Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) is the first Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Bangladesh which was established based on Veterinary Science. Veterinary science is the branch of Medical science that deals with the health, production and well  beings of animals other than human medical science. CVASU has been offering 5 years long Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree including one year internship programme. For a student to fulfill the requirement of DVM degree, practical knowledge based on Veterinary Clinics and field level exposure is imperative to obtain as like as human medical science to obtain MBBS degree.

A Medical College must need well equipped hospital for clinical training of their students and also offers health care services for the people. As such the CVASU has established a teaching veterinary hospital (SAQTVH) to offer public services and to get practical exposures by undergraduate (DMV) and post graduate (MS, MPhil, PhD) students and researchers and on veterinary clinical and extension services. It is operated under the Directorate of SAQTVH and with the support of clinical departments specially Department of Medicine and Surgery (DMS), FVM, CVASU.

Farmers and farming communities; poultry, pet and zoo animal owners are getting clinical services round the year from the SAQTVH, especially rural and urban people of Chittagong city and the farmers of surroundings Upazillas. Besides these, many referral cases are handled at the SAQTVH from the other parts of the Bangladesh for special treatment. Moreover, as a part of extension service, a Mobile / Satellite Veterinary Service (MVS / SVS) have been operated by SAQTVH for teaching the students in the different outdoor stations since 2000. This type of service is still functioning in two different satellite centers: Mojjairtak, Sikolabaha and Kattoli, Chittagong City Corporation

SAQTVH has also been offering herd health services for the local dairy farmers of urban and peri  urban areas of Chittagong City. This service has been especially designed and operated by the Population Medicine Team of DMS with scheduled visit once in a month. This herd health programme covers the health management, calf management, fertility management and finally taught the farmers about benefit of cost analysis of farm. All efforts of veterinary clinical services and extension motivation work of CVASU are done for the well  being of the farming community. Like many other professional institutes, CVASU also believes in providing the best service possible for the local community and hope to bring about more qualitative and quantitative changes in clinical teaching, research and provide better clinical services taking with the continuous support and encouragement from the clients in future.

Background/ History of TVH

The SAQTVH is an unique veterinary  hospital at Chattogram as well as Bangladesh which is well equipped  and most of the doctors are trained at Madras Veterinary College ( TANUVAS) .  The patients are referred from different parts of Bangladesh and specialized services were provided by expert doctors. The activities of SAQTVH was started from  5th July, 2002 which was inaugurated by Morhum Alhaz Md. Yousuf Chowdhury  (Chairman of “ Daily Purbokon” newspaper  and also the Chairman of CVASU implementation committee). It was run by the Department of Medicine and Surgery. After one year of SAQTVH establishment, mobile or satellite veterinary clinics was started for door to door large animal veterinary services. In 2007 new administration was started  for SAQTVH and appointed Director of Clinics and joined 30/04/2007. Nominal registration fees for veterinary services was started at 01/08/2009 and it was revised at 01/02/2014.



Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09016.JPG Description: F:\2013\September.13\DCIM-1\101MSDCF\DSC09459.JPG







Md. Rayhan Faruque, PhD
Professor and Director


Estiaq Ahmed
Senior Office Asst. Cum-Computer Typist (Upper Grade)

Satya Prasad Chakma
Senior Veterinary Compounder

Md. Kamal Uddin
Security Guard

Md. Kamrul Hasan
Security Guard


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