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  1. Provides modern diagnostic facility
  2. Always engaged by students  - 

(a)Undergraduate (3rd Year to Intern)

(b) Post Graduate (MS and PhD) 

  1. Emergency veterinary service by Ambulatory Veterinary Clinics
  2. Satellite Clinics
  3. Community – based clinics
  4. Data management and storage through Epidemiology Unit
  5. Revenue to CVASU


  1. Twenty four (24) hours hospital
  2. Intensive for Duty Doctors and Staff
  3. Critical care unit
  4. Animal blood transfusion unit
  5. Animal care unit (Dog, cat)
  6. Emergency unit
  7. Animal shelter unit
  8. Ophthalmic unit
  9. Orthopaedic unit
  10. Dermatology unit
  11.  Pharmacy (Dispensary and drug storage room)
  12.  Poultry post – mortem room 
  13.  Door – to – door service
  14.  Online registration
  15.  Free service for poor people (Fund to be needed)
  16.  Internship placement for international students
  17.  Residency
  18.  Canteen.



Dr. Md. Rayhan Faruque
Professor and Director
Directorate of Veterinary Clinics


It’s my pleasure to welcome all of you for visiting the Shahedul Alam Quadery Teaching Veterinary Hospital (SAQTVH). This is the largest hospital (Four Storied) among all veterinary school in Bangladesh. We are caring about animals which include cattle, goats, sheep, poultry (Chicken, pigeon, duck), dog, cat, rabbit,  ornamental birds (Myna, parrot, love birds, cockatiel, etc.), and wild animal (Snake, deer, elephant, star type tortoise, etc.) also. Our diagnostic facilities are modernized both in Medicine, Surgery and Gynaecology Units. Epidemiology Unit is doing for Hospital data recording and management. I would like to give big thanks to the Faculty members and staff of Medicine and Surgery Department and SAQTVH for providing their full efforts on SAQTVH. Students should always be learned their professional skills from this hospital.


Prof. Md. Rayhan Faruque, PhD

Director (Veterinary Clinics)


Dr. Md. Rayhan Faruque
Professor and Director


Satya Prasad Chakma
Senior Veterinary Compounder

Estiaq Ahmed
Senior Office Asst. Cum-Computer Typist


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