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Md. Ashraf Ali Biswas
Faculty of Food Science and Technology
Department of Animal Science and Nutrition
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Having strong desire to build my career in such an organization where I could utilise my costly and hard-earned experience and knowledge in the field of Global warming / Greenhouse Gas / Climate Change/ Livestock Science / Animal Husbandry / Animal Nutrition.



Cell Phone:   01768046768

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Publication (Technical)     

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Book Author:

Jonker A, Antwi C, Biswas AA, Gunter SA, Hristov AN, Martin C, Minnée EMK, Renand G, and Waghorn GC. Chapter 2: The ‘GreenFeed; automated methane measurement system to determine enteric methane emissions from ruminants. In ‘Guideline for estimating methane emissions from individual ruminants using: GreenFeed, ‘sniffers;, hand-held laser and portable accumulation chambers’..